What Reviewers have said about Kathleen Jones’ fiction

‘I found the Sun’s Companion an engrossing read, hard to put down. If you like to “disappear” into the world of a book you’ll find this a satisfying read.’ Linda Gillard, author of ‘Cauldstane’ and ‘House of Silence’

‘Poet and biographer Kathleen Jones’ move into fiction should be celebrated by readers and writers alike.’ Best-selling novelist Wendy Robertson

‘Utterly gripping and I didn’t want it to end.’Debbie Bennett [The Sun’s Companion]

‘It kept me reading long after I should have turned off the bedside light!’ Amazon Review [The Sun’s Companion]

‘This is an extremely well-written book, and exceptionally enjoyable. It’s difficult to put it down once started.’ The Kindle Book Review [The Sun’s Companion]