Kathleen is the author of eight biographies, most recently Norman Nicholson: The Whispering Poet, about the life and work of the reclusive 20th century Lakeland poet. She is also the author of Katherine Mansfield:The Story-teller, published by Penguin NZ and Edinburgh University Press in 2011. Her first biography was A Glorious Fame; the Life of Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle, published by Bloomsbury in 1987, followed by Learning Not to be First: The life of Christina Rossetti, Oxford University Press 1991. A Passionate Sisterhood, The Lives of the Sisters, Wives and Daughters of the 'Lake Poets', published by Virago in 1998, won the Barclays Bank prize for non-fiction. 'Margaret Forster: A Life in Books' was first published by Northern Lights in 2003 and is a short monograph on the life and work of Margaret Forster. All these books are also now available as E-Books, published by The Book Mill. Kathleen’s biography of Catherine Cookson was published by Constable in May 1999 and was in the ‘top ten’ best-seller racks in W H Smiths for eight weeks. A sequel, 'Seeking Catherine Cookson's Da', published in 2004, details the search for Catherine's elusive father. Both these books (currently out of print) are being edited for publication in a revised form in 2014.